The first two words that come out of my mouth regarding Dr. Sood and the laser hair
removal she offers is THANK YOU! I can't thank Jennifer and Dr. Sood for giving me a
life. I could not have ever lived my life fully with the hair that I had on my face, arms etc.
I started at about l7 years old and it has been the greatest thing ever. The office cares and
wants to help the individual with any needs they are having. I am blessed to have found
them and could not imagine my life without having the hair removal process. It really
doesn't hurt much and it really does work!!! I could never imagine a daily hair removal
routine. Laser hair removal is the best thing ever and am again very thankful. I would
recommend this procedure to any one that is struggling with excess hair. I have a
hormonal imbalance and without Dr. Sood and the hair removal treatments I would not
have been able to control the hair growth occurring. If you are wondering if this is for
you,just try it and you will feel the same way I do!!
Thank you


In the past few years I have been to three other offices in the area for laser treatment for unwanted hair. Currently I am having treatments at Dr Sood’s office and I have to say they are the best. The treatments have been very effective and nearly pain free. I have had multiple areas treated and I am very happy with the results. I am planning to have other areas treated and I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Their staff is great, very helpful,
professional and friendly. If you suffer from unwanted hair I highly recommend you come to Dr Sood’s for treatment.


I have suffered with unwanted, abundant hair growth since probably the 3rd grade when kids first started pointing out how hairy my arms and legs were. By the time I was 14 or 15 I never went anywhere without a razor in my purse. If I wanted smooth legs by 6pm that meant shaving in the morning and again mid-day as the hair would re-grow to the point of making my legs feel noticeably 'prickly' by evening. Since I could not be assured of the chance to shower whenever the growth became uncomfortable; I eventually developed the practice of having disposable razors purse, my glove box, my desk drawer and anywhere else I could think of to avoid the possibility of being stuck with bristly legs/armpits. My skin was constantly chaffed and plagued with ingrown hairs and razor bumps. I was in almost constant discomfort either from the rubbing of rough bristly hair against my own skin if I couldn't manage to shave twice daily; or from the misery of razor burn and bumps. For arm hair I tried waxing, shaving, Nair and any other method that promised relief. What I mostly ended up with was embarrassing bristles of regrowing hair or irritated skin from harsh products. It really felt as if my life revolved around the discomforts caused by unwanted hair. When I finally discovered laser hair removal, I was hopeful but a little skeptical due to my long history of hair removal failure...even the best ones offered very short term relief. I can hardly find the words to describe how dramatically laser hair removal has revolutionized 3 my life. After just a few treatments my legs were not only smooth to the touch l all of the time; I realized I was also free from the perpetual black dots always l visible just under the skin surface as even after freshly shaving. I could always still see the black hairs beneath the skin so even when my skin felt smooth I could not erase the visible black roots beneath the skin surface. In a fairly short amount of time...maybe 3-4 months, I became permanently free of leg, underarm and arm from razors, cuts, scrapes, burns, bumps and chaffing. I'm finally free from the bondage of having my life revolve around managing unwanted hair_growth. I used to hate going to retreats, or camp or overnight events because of the stress of dealing with the hair problem...laser hair removal is one of the best things I have ever done for myself and worth every last penny! And the staff at Dr. Sood's office has always been friendly and helpful and very professional in helping with a problem I felt very self conscious about. I would happily recommend them to anyone considering laser.